HIVE Multi-agent Simulator

The HIVE Multi-agent Simulator is a set of simulation tools developed by Tristan Barnett for running tests in embodied multi-agent environments.

HIVE Multi-agent Simulator 3D

Robot search problem in HIVE Multi-agent Simulator 3D.

A simulator for distributed intelligence

The set of custom-build simulation tools were developed in order to run agent-based system tests in distributed computing environments. It has been used to experimentally test the CAEDA Cognitive Architecture in tank-tracked robot search and rescue scenarios.

The HIVE simulation environment includes:

  • A 3D graphical environment for complex environment tests, featuring a 3D physics, weather simulation and random maze generation.
  • A 2D graphical environment for simplified environment tests.
  • An intelligent agent API which can be implemented to test different agent designs.
  • Scenario and map design tools for different problem domains such as predator-prey and search-and-rescue.

Project summary

As used with the CAEDA Cognitive Architecture

Tristan Barnett

Podium presentation at TMCE 2010, an international, peer-reviewed conference held in Ancona, Italy.
Publication in the peer-reviewed Journal of Mechanical Engineering.
Technologies Used

  • Object-oriented programming
  • Intelligent agents
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • Visual Studio 2010/Visual Studio 2008
  • XML
  • C#